Canvas® PMS™

Partner Management Solution

In today’s fast moving telecoms market, mobile operators strive to evolve their existing business processes and platforms into an open ecosystem that enables collaboration among diversified players to conduct business easily. Many mobile operators have to manage multiple platforms to deliver a variety of value added service offerings that are provided and managed by different categories of partners (service providers, content providers, application providers, marketing agencies, etc.) which makes it difficult to manage partner relationships effectively.

Canvas® PMS™ provides a complete partner relationship management and revenue settlement system designed to help telecom operators organize and manage their partner relationships in an efficient and cost-effective way. It offers standardized business processes, methodologies, tools and practices to help operators create an automated and sustainable ecosystem. Canvas® PMS™ covers the entire partner lifecycle and offers operators a complete centralized control over their partner relationships. It offers pre-packaged business workflows and tools to assist in ongoing management, control, performance analysis and support of partners from onboarding to retirement.

Canvas® PMS™ enables self-registration through the partner portal that simplifies the onboarding process, helps operators attract a larger developer community and facilitates collaboration among partners. It provides powerful analytics tools to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and enables a holistic view of the partner ecosystem. Canvas® PMS™ automatically distributes individual performance data to partners helping operators to better manage and improve the performance of complex, geographically dispersed partner organizations and workforces. It also offers out-of-the-box renewal and retirement processes for management of partnership agreements.

Canvas® PMS™, Partner Management Solution offers the following benefits:

  • Manages the entire Partner Lifecycle from onboarding to retirement
  • Handles partner relationships with clean and clear interfaces accessible via Web portals
  • Automates provisioning tasks and minimizes human interaction
  • Reduces operational costs dramatically with prepackaged business workflows
  • Enables a safe and controlled environment for partners to offer services to subscribers
  • Regulates partner activities through policy management
  • Provides consolidated reports for the operator and custom reports for partners
  • Simplifies settlement process based on agreed revenue sharing models

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