Canvas Friends & Family

Friends & Family Service

Canvas® Friends & Familiy, Location Based Safety Service, is a personalized real time context driven service that takes mobility and location awareness to a new level. It enables mobile subscribers to receive location information about selected individuals with their consent.CanVAS Friends & Family enables friends and family members to locate each other in crowded or unfamiliar venues, and alerts users when friends are in the vicinity.It improves user experience on various handset types and creates new revenue sources for the network operators, without compromising user privacy and network security.Canvas Friends & Family is a device independent, location-based social networking application for GSM/GPRS and CDMA/1XRTT networks. It allows users to locate and communicate with their friends and family members who use the same mobile network and communicate with them via instant messging.Canvas Friends & Family allows users to get their bearings and find their friends and family easily on a map with enhanced mapping functionalities. It also supports geo-coding, reverse geo-coding, routing information and displaying Point of Interests.Canvas Friends & Family supports opt-in as an essential component to guarantee subscriber privacy, as well as, other anonymity features such as aliases and code words to prevent the subscribers’ actual phone number, or identity from being displayed to unauthorized users.

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