Canvas® PayForMe™

Mobile Collect Call Application

Calling collect has been a key service in wireline networks since the day it was serviced. It has allowed operators to generate additional revenue and has enabled subscribers to connect to friends and family from public locations, especially during times of need. Telenity’s mobile collect call application, Canvas® PayForMe™, brings the same functionality to wireless operators.

Canvas® PayForMe™ is a scalable and network based value added service solution that enables wireless carriers to target end-user segments, especially the youth, low budget and prepaid subscribers and enterprises. It allows mobile subscribers to make collect calls without the involvement of an operator through flexible and easy-to-use interfaces. The system provides multiple notification options for the calling and called parties, and supports subscriber list management options.

With Canvas® PayForMe™, operators can increase their ARPU by allowing their subscribers to make a collect call when they:

  • are out of credit or have little reserved credit
  • cannot recharge their credit because they do not have access to a recharge mechanism
  • want to reverse the call charges for personal or business reasons

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