Canvas® MMSC™

Multimedia Messaging Service Center

Canvas® MMSC™, Multimedia Messaging Service Center, is at the forefront of providing enhanced visual communication. It combines multimedia messaging and multimodality, as well as, next generation content management and delivery features on a single platform. It is built around an advanced distributed architecture that ensures interoperability with third party networks and devices across GSM/GPRS, CDMA/1xRTT and 3G networks.

Canvas® MMSC™ is a network agnostic, all-IP based multimedia messaging system with advanced media adaptation, video support and MMS routing functionality and comes with Multimedia Album with public and private folders as a ready-to-go-service.

Canvas® MMSC™ offers differentiating SmartMMS features designed to increase MMS traffic and revenue with the following features:

  • MMS Adİnjection – ad inserts into P2P MMS
  • Bulk MMS and Viral Tracking
  • MMS AdOn preventing message loss
  • MMS Security and Antivirus

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