Canvas® Location Middleware™

Location Enabling Platform for Context Aware Services

Canvas® Location Middleware™ is designed to offer a complete solution that can address constant change on location information delivery requirements of a mobile service provider. Canvas Location Middleware achieves this task by providing interoperability, programmability and flexibility to service provider’s network. It is an end-to-end location enabling platform that facilitates centralized third-party application and traffic control.
Canvas Location Middleware acts a single integration point for all location based services (LBS) and integrates towards the network nodes for positioning, messaging, provisioning and charging. It introduces a layer between the network and location based services to access the location enablers in a controlled manner. It connects to enablers within the network with industry standard interfaces. It allows applications to utilize resources as specified in business processes and service level agreements.

Canvas Location Middleware provides to CSPs a flexible and powerful way of offering new revenue generating services for information, gaming, navigation, dating, advertising and fleet/resource management, as well as, fulfilling legal requirements on positioning of emergency and public safety calls. It enables the operator to differentiate itself from competition, strengthen customer loyalty, reduce churn and increase revenues.

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