Canvas® Location Analytics Platform™

Location Analytics is an enhanced way of collecting, harvesting and correlating the historical location data from massive number of network modules including different kind of network generations. For the last ten years, the use of location data has always been an important interest for CSPs to drive different business channels and monetize the historical data. However, it is only in the last few years, real traction has been initiated. The main reasons are,

New big data solutions allow cost-effective storage and manipulation of large datasets that is provided from any nodes of the CSP network.
The historical location data offers a wide range of use cases and opportunities with digital transformation of existing services.
Active Location Detection Methods always had limitations based on high CAPEX investments, additional licenses based on number of queries/ geo-fencing / tracking, no capability to provide a list of subscribers within a certain zone without specific methods which create huge network loads.

Since the whole network became fully IP based with the LTE technology, it became easier to monitor and tap the necessary network elements.
Canvas Location Analytics Platform is designed to cover a wide range of requirements of CSPs for location based advertisement, lawful enforcement, public safety, security, smart city and also IoT applications.


Canvas LAP provides CSPs to monetize readily-available subscriber location info, enables them to serve to the needs of a variety of businesses or any agencies and offers a wide range of diverse LBS/LBA capabilities some of which are not feasible via conventional methods. The historical location data that is kept in Canvas LAP is available to be used for any kind of information set such as density management, trends or behaviors of specific regions/subscriber base and also predictions based on intelligence and business analytics.

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