Telenity Anti-Spam

Telenity SMS AntiSpam is a complete carrier-grade SMS Firewall solution that provides strong and reliable protection functionality for both operator and subscriber. It helps operators to protect privacy of their subscribers and to eliminate technical and financial fraud issues that have negative impact on subscribers’ trust and satisfaction, service usage, revenues, and brand value.

Telenity SMS Anti-Spam adresses the following SMS fraud cases defined in GSMA IR.70 and IR.71:

  • Anti-Spamming: Protection against unsolicited/fraudulent SMS messages (content screening, parameter screening, etc.)
  • Anti-Flooding: Protection against high amount of SMS messages
  • Anti-Faking: Protection against SMS messages with fake/manipulated originator
  • Anti-Spoofing: Protection against illegal usage of SMSC of the mobile operator by manipulated SMS messages.
    Telenity SMS Anti-Spam helps operators gain complete control on SMS messaging traffic and increases service quality, user experience and monetization of SMS messaging.

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