Bh Telecom

BH Telecom JSC Sarajevo is a commercial company organized as joint stock company that independently performs its activities for profit and acts on the Bosnia and Herzegovina market with the aim.

BH Telecom JSC is for years the leading provider of the telecommunication services in B&H in the field of PSTN, mobile and data network. In the last couple of years, BH Telecom worked very dynamically on introducing the most modern technologies and services based upon them. In the area of the mobile telephony, BH Telecom introduced the GPRS/ WAP, MMS and SMS info and fun services on the VAS platform as well as EDGE technologies. At the end of 2006, BH Telecom had approximately 1.056.000 users with market participation of over 50% and annual increase of the number of users for approximately 150.000 accompanied by continuous improvement and work on coverage of the territory and signal quality in the entire B&H.

In the field of PSTN, BH Telecom conducted numerous activities on application of the broadband network on the basis of the ADSLtechnology to ensure a very reliable and safe network accompanied by digitalization of total installed capacities of over 95%. In order to even more improve its predispositions, BH Telecom implemented the new technologies in this domain also, such as IVR, SMS and VMS.

In relation to earlier stages BH Telecom continues to record the continuance of its efforts being invested in the contribution to the enhancement of the Internet accessibility of the B&H society with special emphasis on youth, schools and higher education institutions by creating maximum affordability for Internet service packages and enabling the path to creation of knowledge society, dissemination of information and European integrations.

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