CanVAS® m2mEnable™

M2M Service Enablement Platform

T elenity partners with the world’s leading mobile operators enabling them and their customer companies to capitalize on the global opportunity in machine-to-machine (M2M) and embedded connectivity.

Telenity has developed its M2M solution portfolio including complementary M2M services leveraging its already existing expertise in:

  • Component-based service delivery and integration frameworks with standard interfaces
  • Flexible partner onboarding, self-management, collaboration environment and tools
  • Platforms with built-in support for emerging two-sided (Telco 2.0) business models
  • Vehicle tracking and fleet management vertical with cloud-based enterprise solutions
  • Working with global partners in fleet management and smart metering

Telenity’s M2M solutions enable network operators to provide value-added managed connectivity support to multiple verticals and faster service enablement that generate more revenue per connection.

Telenity’s two main M2M solutions, canvas m2mConnect, M2M Connectivity and Device Management Platform and canvas m2mEnable, M2M Service Enablement Platform, seamlessly integrate with each other and empower mobile operators to deliver end-to-end M2M solutions to the market and maximize the return on their investment in the M2M space.

Canvas m2mEnable is an M2M service delivery platform allowing network operators to manage their M2M services community in a centralized manner and equip corporate partners with self-management and application development capabilities. The platform allows partners to cooperate with each other to create and market enriched and innovative customer offerings.

Benefits of Canvas m2mEnable, M2M Service Enablement Platform, include:

  • Reduced M2M application development time
  • Access to data associated with a broad range of device types by multiple applications
  • Abstraction of application developers from complexity of M2M service development such as data normalization, data rules engine, device programming
  • Faster onboarding of new M2M services from various vertical partners

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