5G Enablers

5G Enablers

Today, 5G transformation accelerates faster and CSPs have to get themselves ready to face the business demands of what 5G offers Therefore, CSPs have already begun to respond to the challenge by forging new strategies, investing in development and trials, and evaluating and adopting new use cases and business models.

As a global provider of innovative services and solutions for communications networks in emerging markets, Telenity initiated the 5G readiness program for its entire product & solutions line including VAS Consolidation, API Management, Digital Services Enrichment and Location Based Services Portfolio.

On the road to 5G, there are important leading technologies that have the leading role in this scenario; such as Network Functions Virtualization, Network Slicing and Computing at the Edge.

Telenity’s complete product and solution portfolio is already compliant with, and ready to work in NFV based environments. For more information, please go to NFV webpage.
As being a participant member of Multi-Access Edge Computing Standardization Group, Telenity have been developing related product line ready to work on top of any edge computing platform based on standard APIs.

Main products that are directly capable of working at the edge are:

  • Canvas API Manager that introduces an exposure layer to Edge to authenticate, manage and coordinate all Edge APIs through one central point of view. Canvas API Manager also provides the future proof capability to open the edge to developers with its enhanced Developer Portal.
  • Canvas Location Based Services including passive and active location detection methods and rich set of business intelligence and analytics capabilities.
  • Canvas Bandwidth and Content Manager, which is one of the world’s first and most innovative network resource management and slicing solution of Telenity that provides application aware Quality of Service (QoS) management, generates network slicing models, manages the application and/or subscriber based SLAs and manages the specific content of edge applications.